The 27th Inforum World Conference will be held in Sochi, Russia, 2-6 September, 2019.

Local organizer: Institute of Economic Forecasting of the Russian Academy of Sciences

About the conference
Quote from the Inforum’s site:

Inforum, or Interindustry Forecasting at the University of Maryland, was founded nearly 50 years ago by Dr. Clopper Almon, now Professor Emeritus of the University. It is dedicated to improving business planning, government policy analysis, and the general understanding of the economic environment. Inforum accomplishes this mission through:

• Building and using structural economic models of U.S. and other economies. Inforum pioneered the construction of dynamic interindustry-macroeconomic models that portray the economy in a unique “bottom-up” fashion.

• Working with government and private sector research sponsors to investigate a variety of issues. Economic projections and analysis using Inforum econometric models are distinguished by detail at the industrial and product level.

• Serving as a training crucible for University of Maryland graduate and undergraduate students who receive valuable training in empirical economics. Indeed, Inforum graduate research assistants have completed over 40 Ph.D. dissertations, most of which have contributed directly to the infrastructure of Inforum.

• Maintaining active and productive ties with a world-wide network of research associates, each of which uses Inforum modeling methods and software. The Inforum partners have held annual conferences since 1993 to foster cooperation and development of economic knowledge and techniques.

Since its founding in 1967 by Dr. Clopper Almon, Inforum has served government agencies and private sector entities interested in economic analysis facilitated by Inforum’s approach. In particular, Interindustry-Macroeconomic (IM) models combine input-output structure with econometric equations in a dynamic and detailed framework. Because of their ability to portray the detailed structure of economies over actual time periods, these models fill an important gap in the inventory of existing models of the U.S. and foreign economies. In addition to forecasting, the models often are used to answer “what if” questions about the impact across industries of fluctuation in the macroeconomic environment, such as changes in exchange rate or tax policy.


We welcome papers or presentations across a wide range of topics in economic modeling and general economics, including:

  • Developments in the Inforum approach to economic modeling
  • Country Inforum models
  • Bilateral trade models
  • Economic-ecological and economic-energy modeling
  • Input-output data and methods
  • Other approaches to inter-industry modeling
  • Applications of inter-industry models
  • Macroeconomic modeling
  • Software developments

Files and videos are here

  1. Define the dates of the Conference precisely –  January, 2019
  2. First call: confirm registration – up to 15 April, 2019
  3. Second call: confirm your topic – up to July, 2019 (precise date is yet to be defined)
  4. 2-6 September, the Conference
Registration form

Apartments in the Imeretinsky hotel:

Imeretinsky hotel 4*:

Boulevard Morskoy, 1, district Adler, Sochi, Krasnodarsky region, Russia, 350000

There are 4 types of rooms in the hotel 4*:

  • Standard rooms with swimming pool view, single 8250 rub/day (≈110 euro), double (one big bed) 9650 rub/day (≈130 euro)
  • Standard rooms with sea view, single 9450 rub/day (≈125 euro), double (two beds) 10850 rub/day (≈144 euro)

Imeretinsky hotel 3*:

Avenue Golubaya, 1Zh, district Adler, Sochi, Krasnodarsky region, Russia, 354340

Also appartments at apart-hotel 3* in Pribrezhniy Kvartal are available:

  • Apatments 28 sq.m. – single 6160 rub/day (≈82 euro), 6760 rub/day double (≈90 euro)
  • Studio 42 sq.m. – single 6960 rub/day (≈92 euro), 7560 rub/day double (≈100 euro)

Breakfast and VAT are included in the price.

The Imeretinsky hotel offers special prices for the conference’s participants. IEF RAS can book apartments for you. For example, Apartments 28 sq. m. single will cost 4 000 roubles per night (≈53 euro).

How to get to Sochi

Sochi is the main Russian resort city on the Black Sea coast, which is located about 1350 km from Moscow. Given the huge distance, we recommend you to take a flight in order to reach Sochi comfortably.

There are several direct flights to Sochi: from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Riga, Istanbul. Flight via Moscow seems to be optimal for the most conference participants. The table below provides information about the approximate price for the one-way flight to Sochi.

From Transfer city Average one-way price, EUR
Riga No transfer / Moscow 170
Istanbul No transfer 210
Warsaw Moscow 270
Frankfurt Moscow 260
Rome Moscow 230
Milan Moscow 170
New York Moscow 390
New York Istanbul 600
Beijing Novosibirsk 390
Johannesburg Istanbul 480
Tokyo Moscow 560


These prices will be actual if you decide to take tickets for the weekends before and after the conference. But if you fly on weekdays, price will be lower.

You can spend several free days in Moscow or St. Petersburg. In this case it makes sense to use services of Russian companies – Aeroflot (and it’s low-cost airline Rossiya), S7, and Utair

Please note that there are 3 airports in Moscow located far from each other. These are Sheremetyevo (SVO), Domodedovo (DME), Vnukovo (VKO). Moving between them directly is possible only by taxi (the price will be about 25-30 Euro). If you decide to use urban transport, you will have to make two changes. It takes at least 2 hours, but the price of this option will be 13 Euro.

If you have any questions or need help with traveling through Russia, please contact us!


Alexander Shirov, Ph.D., IEF RAS deputy director

Tel: +7-499-129-32-54